A limited number of these images are available as  Cibachrome limited edition hand prints by the artist. Cibachrome, later known as Ilfochrome was developed by Swiss company Ciba-Geigy as a positive to positive photographic printing process; no negative was needed as prints were made directly from a film transparency. All  Cibachromes  available are printed from 5×4 inch transparency film (taken with a Linhoff 5×4 camera), and printed with a Durst 54 enlarger.

This process gives high quality, saturation, and archivally stable photographic prints, and is still unmatched in these aspects, but is sadly no longer possible due to the end of the associated paper and chemical manufacture. It was an extremely time consuming and expensive method of printing, and became too laborious when compared to the comparative ease and increasing quality obtainable with digital printing. It is only when examining the surface of the print that you see the deep and luminous effect. This is partly the effect of the silver layer in the photographic emulsion – the initial development of the image and fixing of 3 layers of dye is done by a silver halide (akin to black and white) based process. Any dye not fixed is removed in the bleach process, and so fixed dyes are not degrading, and its archival properties are similar to that of a selenium or gold toned archival black and white print.


The size and price depends on the particular image. There are some examples below.
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Image from Vessel installation image no.13 no.39

These cibachrome prints are 12×16 inches and from an edition of 50. Each print is £350 unframed.


These images, along with most all of the photographic works seen on this site are available as limited edition digital prints, printed on Canson archival 100% acid free archival paper with Canon archival inks.

Image from 'Electro-Light' series image no.6


Example; Electro-Light image no.6 from States of Matter.

Limited edition of 25; Cibachrome print, size 12 x 12 in – £270

Comparative digital print, edition of 25 – £125