In this single-screen moving image work,  digital footage is combined with cine, still image sequences, found film and stills. This ‘collaged’ film depicts a psycho-geographic journey through different spaces to the light wide-open sea, with both the audio and visuals reflecting the theme of flow; breath into and from the lungs, wind, here evidenced by what it moves. The even more optically illusive ‘pneuma’ – flow of energy, or creative force is suggested, departures and endings on the water’s edge, on wing, and air, and of last breath, a motif which resonates throughout the work.

The interplay of old and new imagery and texture reflects the layering and overlaying of time and experience, the collaged material, like several exposed layers of wallpaper, contrasting the ordinary with the extraordinary, like material in a collage. A chaise longue sits in a room purportedly used for Victorian séances, like the low tide sea bed, a place of liminality, between nowhere and somewhere. These spaces, sometimes real, sometimes imagined and sometimes ritualized relate to the human need to find psychological refuge in familiar places and spaces. The film reflects on the invisible energies found in these different environments and their manifestations. The film finishes at the water’s edge, a place that marks an ending for some and a departure point for others.

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