Shape of Water is a photographic image series, and the components for these images were collected from areas bordering the Humber and its many reed beds and photographed in the studio.  These seedheads, pods, stems and thorns were projected onto opaque film and overlaid with stars, webs, dust and roots, all projected and then photographed. This effectively transforms the micro into macro, and is employed here to reflect aspects of environmental flux; storms and flowing water, flood, and dwellings transformed, turning normal into the strange.

Shape of Water was influenced by the descriptions of the river in Bosco’s novel, Malicroix, and how water can become a raging beast, tearing chunks off the land, an immense half-visible world of moving water creating islands of silt with shifting alluvial bed and solid rock beyond. The images reflect changing boundaries and flooding, how changing climate and other geological factors contribute to land flux, affecting the lives of those who live next to the sea and rivers.

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